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Bed bug

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In operation since 1997 Magical Pest Control specializes in removing uninvited pests, especially bed bugs, from apartments, condos, commercial buildings and residential homes. We value our large customer base and our community, which is why we use the greenest and most environmentally conscious methods of killing bed bugs. Our mission is to employ the highest standard of pest removal services for every job. We are so confident in our methods that we offer a 90 day warranty on all our services. With green services and an environmentally safe mindset, it’s no wonder why many consider Magical Pest Control to be Canada’s #1 pest control leader. What are my options for killing bed bugs? Though bed bugs can be pesky and difficult to get rid of, it’s possible with the right type of bed bug treatment. Though it may be tempting to save money and treat bed bugs yourself, historically it has been extremely difficult for home and business owners to kill bed bugs without the help of a professional bed bug extermination team. Most reputable bed bug extermination companies will offer you several different options to kill bed bugs including chemical, freeze and heat treatments for bed bugs. Magical Pest Control offers several treatments. Read about them to decide which one is right for you. Bed Bug Heat Treatment – ThermaPureHeat Bed bug heat treatments work by heating the temperature of your home beyond the point that bed bugs can survive. The temperature is maintained for several hours, until the bed bug population is dead. Bed bug heat treatments are highly recommended for almost any bed bug problem. Heat can penetrate every crack and crevice in your home or business, so it’s often effective with only a single treatment. Since large areas can be heated uniformly, bed bug heat treatments leave bed bugs have nowhere to escape. For this reason, bed bug heat treatments are great for treating bed bug infestations spread out over a large areas, such as apartments that need multiple units treated. Bed bug heat treatments are completely chemical free and safe for the environment, also. Bed Bug Freeze Treatment – Cryonite Bed bug freeze treatments use dry ice to instantly freeze bed bugs in their tracks. A licensed bed bug extermination expert applies the freeze treatment to areas of your home where bed bugs have been discovered. This method is very precise, allowing a technician to target specific problem areas thoroughly. Trained bed bug exterminators examine your home prior to application to know exactly which areas need to be treated. There are no chemicals involved in the process, making this option environmentally-friendly, and 100% safe following application. Bed Bug Chemical Treatment Bed bug chemical treatments are a tried and true industry standard, that remain popular for bed bug extermination for their availability, effectiveness and affordability. Though advances have been made in terms of the safety of pesticides, all pesticides come with some risk, as they must be toxic enough to kill bed bugs. Depending on the size of your bed bug infestation and the skill of your bed bug exterminator, bed bugs can be completely eliminated with 1-3 chemical bed bug treatments. Magical Pest guarantees that every single bed bug will be removed, or we’ll absorb the cost of additional bed bug treatments.

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