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Canadian Home Theaters & Automation

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We make sure your get the top brands and full value for your money. Canadian Home Theaters specializes in Home Automation, Home Theaters, Conference Room Setups, Audio Video Distribution, and Surveillance packages for your home and business. All the products offered are integrated with most modern technology available for example home theaters, home automation controls, security cameras, IP cameras, intercom systems all controlled from iPads, Iphones or Custom designed touch screens. All products are in sync with the esteemed clients’ modern day requirements and enjoy most modern lifestyle. We design, manage, and install a simple solution to exceed your expectations in every way. In short if you can think of any AVS (Audio Video Sound) Scenario, Canadian Home Theaters can design for you. Call now for a FREE consultation. Home Theater Watching movies at home no longer means sitting on your living room couch with an old-school picture tube TV. Nowadays many Canadians enjoy their movies with a large LCD or plasma flat screen, surround sound, while others still go 'all out' with a front projector in a dedicated entertainment room complete with luxury seating. But home theaters come at a price - not only can a complete setup cost thousands of dollars, they also call for some tech-savvy and complex installation procedures. Given so many choices, where do you start? Most people will just hit a home theater store and buy the high-end gear, but that’s just the start of it. It’s also important to install your home theater setup properly in a room that is at least somewhat acoustically desirable. Canadian Home Theaters can provide you installation services at a very reasonable cost. Alternatively you can also check out our Guides to help you get started on everything from Gear to Décor. We can design interiors, complete media controls and offer you home theater gear in most versatile manner. Home Automation Imagine waking up to your favourite music or radio station every morning with drapes up so that just the optimum amount of sunlight makes its way thru to your bedroom/living room and your security system disarms itself in the morning and rearms once you leave the house. Your Thermostat cranks itself down after you leave the house and before you come back your house is back at the normal temperature. All these automated processes can be achieved in your house by Home Automation. Home Automation integrates different systems in your house for example control of lights, appliances, security, thermostats (HVAC), audio and video together to one system that can be controlled from one location and provide enhanced comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency. Home automation is no longer for the rich and famous and it's no longer a technology of the future. With this system for home and business, all lights and appliances can be set to turn off and on based on simple schedules or they can be activated based on room occupancy, electricity demand or cost. By tying subsystems like lighting and security together, lights can be made to turn on in an emergency, or automatically as we pull in to our driveway and enter the home. Ventilation systems can be shut down automatically in case of a fire and lights can be activated to get everyone out of the building safely and quickly. And good news is that home automation is easily within reach of everyone's budget and can be installed almost anywhere. Scene lighting or motion based lighting can light a path to the kitchen or bedroom and lights can be turned off when rooms are no longer occupied to save energy. Heating or air conditioning can be set to automatically turn down when the security system is armed away and can be adjusted to a comfortable level by phone or Internet enabled smart phones and iPad.

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