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Lawn-Tech Inc

572 Arlington , Toronto, Ontario , M6C 3A5  -   Map


Green Roofs, Roof Gardens, Lawns, Gardens, Urns, Planters Irrigation can take a mundane task out of the landscape equation while maximizing the health and growth of plant material. Protect that investment. Let us provide a customized irrigation solution that will address the unique conditions of your landscape (green roofs, roof gardens, lawns, gardens, planters, urns) and let you be "Green for Life". Ask us about the most efficient ET or weather based control systems. Talk to us if your existing residential or commercial irrigation system is not performing as desired. Our certified staff can assess, repair and maintain all types of irrigation systems. As communities appreciate the economic and environmental benefits of Green Roof Systems and incorporate these into new and existing buildings, our experience and expertise continues to grow in this new and exciting area of our industry. Going green from the roof down has never been so timely. Green roofs improve air quality, reduce noise levels and enhance a building's energy performance while reducing heating and cooling costs.

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