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Ontario Wet Basement Solutions

PO Box 1231 , Tiny, Ontario , L0L2J0  -   Map




Formed in May of 2015, Ontario Wet Basement specializes in wet basement repairs, as well as foundation crack repair, basement and foundation waterproofing, as well as mould removal. Our four-person team has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, making us knowledgeable about basements of any construction. We began our business in order to provide a professional service to home owners; we are honest, and will always have our clients’ well-being and health foremost in mind. Service and customer satisfaction are utmost in our business; to ensure this happens, we have a customer follow-up system in place to confirm that all of our customers are satisfied. Most basements become wet due to cracks in the foundation, which is caused by pressure on the foundation. This usually happens when the water surrounding a foundation is extremely saturated with water; for example, when we experience a rapid spring melt in addition to a heavy rainfall. That water pressure, called hydrostatic pressure, causes the foundation to weaken and crack. Once this happens, the water easily escapes into the home. If you have water in your home – whether you have water pooling on the floor, lining your walls or if you just smell moist or humid air – give us a call. Water in your home can be a very serious issue, and is always one that needs to be corrected immediately. The more time the water sits in your home, the more likely that dangerous mould will grow in the moist areas. Mould can cause asthmatic symptoms, and must be treated carefully. Our experienced team can not only correct the foundation problems that caused the issue in the first place, but also remove any mould that might have begun growing within your home. Give us a call if you spot any wet places in your basement or if you smell moist air.

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