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Progressive Tree Service

Toronto, Ontario


Tree Pruning: There are many different objectives for pruning a tree. You may want to prune for an improved appearance. You may want to remove or lighten a hazardous limb. You might be tired of picking up dead branches that keep falling or you might like more sunlight for your lawn and garden. We can help with all these situations and more. General Pruning: A general pruning improves the health of the tree and the overall appearance by removing dead branches, crossing and interfering limbs and minimal thinning. Pruning for clearance: Pruning trees away from your roof, garage, wires driveways and walkways. Pruning for Sunlight: Removing selective branches to "open windows" in the trees canopy. We can skillfully prune your tree to allow more sun without taking drastic harmful measures. Elevation: Remove low hanging branches to provide a desired and appropriate height of the lowest limbs. This practice helps when a tree has become overwhelming. Dead wooding: Removing large obvious and hazardous dead branches. This often applies to mature Red Oak trees. Fine Pruning: Very detailed pruning of trees. Removing virtually every little stick of deadwood. Making many small pruning cuts, often in small ornamental trees. Fruit Tree Shaping: Removing the highest branches from the top of your fruit tree while pruning the sides to achieve an overall round shape. Ideally fruit trees should be trained while young.

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