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Woodsmith Construction Inc

80 Redwood Ave , Toronto, Ontario , M4L 2S6  -   Map


Here at Woodsmith Construction we specialize in home renovations, especially when it comes to the Toronto homes we all love. With our wealth of experience in Toronto home renovations over the past 15 years we have been able to really come to understand the fundamental rules and practices that can make any home renovation a success. First and foremost there are no short cuts in any home renovation project. All of our home renovations take your home back to its bare bones and make sure that whats behind the walls looks as good as what we plan to put in front. That way you can rest assured that whatever we have put back has been done properly from day one. The second key factor we follow is that a Toronto home renovation has to be properly planned and budgeted in order to have any chance of success. That is why at Woodsmith Construction we take a great amount of care from the beginning to assess your homes current condition and recommend the best course of action for your home. The third key is that any Toronto home renovation we take on must make financial sense for you and your family. This is the biggest investment of your life and we want to make sure that those dollars give you a great return on investment with every home renovation we do. The final and most important key is having a great team of expert trades and staff that have years of experience specifically in Toronto home renovations. We feel that in order to get the best finish result you must have the best team of experts working together to make it happen. If Woodsmith Construction puts its name on something you can rest assured that it is going to stand the test of time. At Woodsmith Construction we are a family that is dedicated to making sure your family gets the best Toronto home renovation possible. We will always be there even years after the project has been completed to make sure things hold up the way they should. Most clients have us back multiple times for different renovation projects on the same home. This practice is known as a phased in approach to home renovation and it is the most popular option available to customers right now. We come up with a total home plan to begin with but instead of doing all of the work at once we break it up into more digestible chunks over various periods of time. That way the financial burden is not too much for you or your family to bare and with a little patience you end up with a perfect total home renovation. As you can see there are many options here at Woodsmith Construction and we are sure that we can find the one that is best for your and your Toronto home renovation.

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